Commercial Paving Des Plaines, IL

Value in commercial pavement is based upon a company’s experience. We have the experience to give to that value.

Commercial Paving Waukegan, IL Total Paving has never offered low quality work in commercial pavement services and we will not start now with our Des Plaines customers. Your business is your pride and tat pride begins when your customers park in front of your building. Total paving offers complete parking lot pavement service based on 25 years of service and satisfied clients. What sets us apart from the competition? It is our promise to handle every step of the commercial paving process; excavation, laying the base, installing the asphalt, to the very end with seal coating. We do not forget the sidewalks or curbs either.

Des Plaines customers have given us their work all this time because we do the work in the time frame we say we will and at a cost that we stick to. You can try other commercial pavement services, but we are confident that you not find one more dedicated to workmanship than we are. If you have in mind to repair and replace existing commercial paving,we can do it. Total Paving is outfitted to do new construction as well. Shorts cuts are not we offer; our focus is on a completed commercial pavement that lasts and gives your business curb appeal. Call us and see what we can do for your business.