Residential – Maintenance

Maintenance can keep your driveway looking new longer.

After it’s done…

Please remain off-of your driveway for at least 48 hours after its completion.
Enter and exit in straight shots and avoid turning your steering wheel when the vehicle is not in motion.
Avoid pointed projects on the driveway such as, pointe or bicycle kick-stands until after 48 hours to avoid divots.
Avoid leaving parked vehicles for extended periods of time on your driveway.
Avoid driving over the edges to keep edges from cracking.
In times of little rain, allow water to run on your driveway to avoid cracking due to ground dryness. Turn on your sprinklers or simply let your hose run on the driveway for a few minutes per day.
Seal-coat your driveway 45-60 days after its completion to provide a protectant coating that will prevent gas and oil stains, as well as strengthen.

Seal Coating

Seal-coat is a coal-tar emulsion applied over asphalt surfaces to protect from daily destructive forces.
Protects against natural elements such as sunlight, snow, ice, and salt.
Protects from the deteriorating effects of oil, gas, and hazardous chemicals.
Increases water runoff by filling in the asphalt pores and creating a smooth surface.
Allows for easier sweeping, cleaning, and maintenance of asphalt.
Gives asphalt a new black finish, enhancing the look of any property.
Will increase the life span of existing asphalt and save money by reducing repair costs.