Asphalt Driveways

People are greeted with the sight of your driveway when they come to your property, leaving an impression. Whether you are relocating or staying, make sure your driveway is not ignored – no property’s landscape is complete without a driveway that is taken care of. Economical, durable and long-lasting, driveways are also not too costly to preserve.

We are dedicated to furnishing you with a tough and lasting pavement that is dependable and trustworthy for years to come. Our driveways are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality. We excel in attention to detail from margins and angles to the exact filling near constructions and other pavements. The tamping of the edges is an essential factor to the solidness of the driveway. This furnishes suitable backing against disintegrating sides as well as bestowing your driveway a lovely finished look of direct lines and smooth bends.

Asphalt driveways possess great strength and durability, and have been designed to bear the harshness of winter freezing and spring thawing. Asphalt paving is a quicker process than concrete as fewer steps are necessary for installation and repairs.

As opposed to concrete, asphalt paving requires fewer steps to finish the installation and repairs, making it a faster process.


Asphalt Remove and Replace

Fully removing the driveway uncovers any underlying difficulties in the base, thereby, making sure the right steps are taken to construct a driveway that is lasting.

When is it necessary to replace my Driveway?

If you observe any of these issues, it is time to totally replace your driveway:

  • Extensive Cracking
  • Settling of the driveway
  • Water drainage & pitching problems
  • Excessive asphalt raveling into pieces
  • Obvious Potholes

Asphalt Driveway Dig-out / Driveway Extension

Not enough parking spaces for your guests, camper van, basketball, boat, or the newest driver in the family? Is the size of your driveway too big or oddly shaped?Constructing an extension onto your driveway may be the solution to parking difficulties or nicks for driveways that are too narrow. We are able to restyle your driveway, switch the structure, or reposition it on your land! It is one of our widely sought after asphalt paving services in Caledonia, Wisconsin.

When should I do an Asphalt Dig-out?

Whether you need to install a new driveway or add square footage to an already present one.

Asphalt Driveway Overstone

If you have an irregular shaped driveway full of dirt, mud and disorder, it may be time to research how to form a stable gravel driveway.

Going with Asphalt Overstone is a sound decision as excavation is usually not necessary, thus lowering cost.

First, Verifying the levels is necessary to obtain the correct grade and keep the water from accumulating on the ground.

Next, establishing a sub-base will create a level surface that is strong enough to sustain the blacktop being put down on top of it.

In last step we install 3″ asphalt and compact it.

When should I do it?

Overstone is applied when the client already has a gravel base laid.

Nevertheless, our personnel must assess the heights and enhance up to two inches of gravel.

It is conceivable that a minor amount of digging may be needed for cleaning.

Services comparison
Stages Asphalt Remove & Replace Asphalt Dig-out / Extension Asphalt Overstone
Excavation Remove existing asphalt Dig-out the existing dirt 9” Minimum
CA-6 stone base Add up to 2” Complete 6” base Add up to 2”
Shoot grades with laser level and fine grade for water drainage.
Pave with 3” of asphalt surface and compact
Pavement will be compacted with a 5-ton vibratory roller and finish roller.

Driveway Overlay/Resurface

If the duration of your driveway isn’t a deciding factor, resurfacing is the most cost-effective way to make it look new. Resurfacing a driveway is usually good for 7-10 years when done on a firm existing driveway surface, though spot repair may be needed in certain regions.

Driveways can be resurfaced or “overlayed” with asphalt. The ideal candidate for a overlay is:

  • A minimally cracked surface.
  • The driveway is settled no more than 2″ low below the garage floor or has at least this amount of space from existing pavement to garage floor, city sidewalk, and entrance, and is in good to average [shape|condition}.
  • The driveway is long and can have segments fixed independently; it is unlikely that smaller driveways will see any cost advantages due to the minimum payment that has to be made.

Other Asphalt Paving Services in Caledonia

Sturdier Pavement and a thicker stone for greater loads. (i.e.: boat parking, camper parking, or bigger vehicle). For this we recommend 3″ or 4″ of blacktop in two lifts with a gravel base of 8″ or even 12″.

Our team is equipped to install full or partial basketball, tennis, and pickleball courts, and we can provide custom striping services in-house.

Sections that must be changed or discontinued will have their pavement and gravel removed, and what is left will be filled with dirt, topsoil, and seeds.

Asphalt installation and repair can be more straightforward and quicker than the installation of concrete or brick, with fewer steps necessary to finish off the project.




On their arrival, the team will strip the prevailing surface of the driveway, set up the new stone base, grade, and leave it compressed and prepared for inspection with the local town or municipality as necessary.

Generally, the driveway will be available to park on following the base being readied.



Once the base has been prepared, we will arrange any desired base inspections.

When the inspection is passed, the project pavement installation date will be set, usually 1-3 days after the base is ready, provided the weather allows it.

In most villages, it is not necessary for anyone to be present during the inspection, though it is compulsory for a permit to be visibly displayed on a front window or door, and approved plans to be made available in case of need.

We will make known if a base inspection is not necessary in some Villages, and paving can be done as soon as it is available.



The asphalt paving team will finish the driveway by pouring the asphalt and blocking it off from cars.

During construction, contact the local police department to acquire permission to park on the street.

Do you require Asphalt Paving Sevices in Caledonia?

Total Paving provides the highest quality asphalt paving services in Caledonia, Wisconsin. Our experienced professionals will help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.




Drive straight in and out of your driveway.

Do not rotate the steering wheel when the vehicle is not in progress or in an isolated place.

Refrain from placing objects that are pointed on the driveway during the upcoming 48 hours, such as pointed-heels, bicycle kick-stands, roller blades, lawn mowers, or trailers.

Resist keeping vehicles at a standstill on your driveway for long periods.

Do not go beyond the boundaries of the driveway when driving.

In the event of a drought, let the water flow over your driveway to avoid cracking due to excessive aridity.

Seal-coat your driveway no less than 60 days but no more than a year after it has been completed for an optimal curing process

Seal-coat your driveway yearly.




Shields against natural elements like sun, snow, ice and salt.


Guards against the deteriorating effects of petroleum, gas, and hazardous substances.


Increasing water runoff by filling in the asphalt pores and forming a smooth surface.


Enhances the process of sweeping, tidying and maintenance of asphalt.


Revamps asphalt with a glossy, black finish to upgrade the appearance of any property.


Prolonging the life of existing asphalt and economizing on repair costs.