Asphalt Driveways

Your driveway gives visitors and passersby one of the first impressions of your property. Whether you are leaving or staying, pay attention to your driveway – no hardscape can be complete without an adequately maintained driveway. Economical, durable and long-lasting, driveways are also not too costly to preserve.

We are determined to furnish you with a tough and durable pavement that is effective and reliable for a long time. We guarantee a driveway that is completely pleasing to the eye and highlights its high standard through its attractiveness. We pride ourselves on the exactness from perimeters and angles to the precise compaction alongside structures and other pavements. The tamping of the edges is a crucial factor to the sturdiness of the driveway. This provides proper assistance against crumbling edges and providing your driveway a nice finished look of neat lines and graceful curves.

Asphalt driveways have been designed with fortitude to withstand the alternating cold and warm temperatures of winter and spring. Unlike concrete, asphalt installation and repairs can be done in less time as fewer steps are required to finish the paving project.

Asphalt paving is a quicker process than concrete as fewer steps are necessary for installation and repairs.


Asphalt Remove and Replace

By completely removing the driveway, the underlying problems in the base can be exposed, thereby, making sure the proper steps are taken to build a driveway that lasts.

When should I replace my Driveway?

If you find any of these issues, a full replacement of your driveway is now essential:

  • Thorough Cracking
  • Settling of the driveway
  • Water drainage & pitching issues
  • Excessive asphalt raveling into pieces
  • Noticeable Potholes

Asphalt Driveway Dig-out / Driveway Extension

Not enough parking spaces for your guests, camper van, basketball, boat, or the newest driver in the family? Are your driveway’s proportions too extensive or abnormal?Installing an extension to your driveway could be the reply to parking issues or scratches for driveways that are too slight. Our experts can revamp your driveway, adjust the layout, or shift it to a different spot on your property! It is one of our most popular asphalt paving services in Tichigan, Wisconsin.

When should I do an Asphalt Dig-out?

Whether you need to put in a new driveway or add square footage to an existing one.

Asphalt Driveway Overstone

If you are experiencing a bumpy surface, dirt, mud and a disorganized state with your gravel drive, it may be necessary to determine how to make the gravel driveway firm.

Choosing Asphalt Overstone is advantageous as it usually does not necessitate excavation, thus reducing cost.

First, examining the levels is necessary to make sure the water doesn’t form puddles on the ground.

Next, to make a secure foundation, a sub-base will be laid creating a plane that is resilient enough to support the asphalt being placed over it.

Last we install 3″ asphalt and compact it.

When should I do it?

Overstone installed when the client already has a gravel base laid.

In any case, our staff must evaluate the heights and augment up to two inches of gravel.

It is conceivable that a minor amount of digging may be needed for cleaning.

Services comparison
Stages Asphalt Remove & Replace Asphalt Dig-out / Extension Asphalt Overstone
Excavation Remove existing asphalt Dig-out the existing dirt 9” Minimum
CA-6 stone base Add up to 2” Complete 6” base Add up to 2”
Shoot grades with laser level and fine grade for water drainage.
Pave with 3” of asphalt surface and compact
Pavement will be compacted with a 5-ton vibratory roller and finish roller.

Driveway Overlay/Resurface

Resurfacing is an economical approach to giving your driveway a fresh facade without investing in extended life. In areas with a steady existing driveway surface, a resurfacing project should be good for 7-10 years, although some spots may require patching.

Driveways can be resurfaced or “overlayed” with asphalt. The best candidate for a overlay is:

  • A minimally cracked area.
  • The driveway is settled no more than 2″ low below the garage floor or has at least this amount of space from existing pavement to garage floor, city sidewalk, and entrance, and is in adequate to fair [shape|condition}.
  • The driveway is long and can have sections fixed independently; benefit in terms of cost is not typically seen on smaller driveways as they may have to pay a minimum charge.

Other Asphalt Paving Services in Tichigan

Hard-wearing Pavement and a thicker stone for heavier loads. (i.e.: boat parking, camper parking, or bigger vehicle). For this we recommend 3″ or 4″ of blacktop in two lifts with a gravel base of 8″ or even 12″.

Our services include full or partial basketball, tennis, and pickleball court installations with custom striping, all carried out in-house.

Sections that require alteration or dismantlement will have their existing pavement and gravel removed, and the remaining area will be filled with dirt, topsoil and seeds.

Asphalt laying and repairs can be a more straightforward and faster process than setting up concrete or brick, as there are fewer steps to complete the task.




Upon arrival, the the crew will strip the current covering of the driveway, put in the new stone base, flatten, and have it compacted and set for inspection with the city or village needed.

After the groundwork is done, the driveway should be ready to park in usually.



Upon base preparation, we will organize any required base examinations.

Upon successful inspection, the date for the pavement installation will be determined, which is usually 1-3 days after the base is ready, weather permitting.

There is not a requirement for anyone to be present during inspection in most villages, however the permit needs to be visibly posted on a front window or door, and approved plans must be accessible if needed.

We will make known if a base inspection is not necessary in some Villages, and paving can be done as soon as it is available.



The asphalt installation team will conclude the driveway by pouring the asphalt and restricting it from vehicles.

When constructing, contact your local police department to gain permission to park on the street.

Do you require Asphalt Paving Sevices in Tichigan?

Total Paving provides the highest quality asphalt paving services in Tichigan, Wisconsin. Our experienced professionals will help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.



Go straight in and out of the driveway.

Do not turn your steering wheel while vehicle is not in motion or in an isolated area.

Do not place items with sharp edges on the driveway, such as high-heels, bike stands, roller blades, lawn mowers, and trailers, for the following two days.

Avoid having cars settled in your driveway for extended periods of time.

Refrain from going past the edges of the driveway when driving.

In the event of a drought, let the water flow over your driveway to avoid cracking due to excessive aridity.

To give your driveway an adequate amount of curing time, seal-coat it no sooner than 60 days after its completion and no later than a year.

Seal-coat your driveway every year.




Defends against natural elements like sunshine, snow, ice and salt.


Defends against the damaging impacts of petroleum, gas, and hazardous compounds.


Enhancing water discharge by plugging asphalt pores and forming a level surface.


Makes it easier to sweep, clean and maintain asphalt.


Gives a black finish to asphalt to increase the attractiveness of any property.


Prolonging the lifespan of existing asphalt and cutting down the expenses of restoration by cutting back on repair costs.