Expert Blacktop Paving in Gurnee, Illinois

Discover the finest blacktop paving services in Gurnee, Illinois at Total Paving and Brick Services – your ultimate destination. Our firm commitment to providing top-tier craftsmanship and ensuring our customers’ happiness is the driving force behind our passion for transforming residential properties with outstanding blacktop surfaces. Our skilled team is proficient in all aspects of blacktop paving, including new driveway installations, repairs, resurfacing, and other services, ensuring you receive exceptional results. Enjoy the beauty, durability, and functionality of blacktop paving designed exclusively for your home.

Rest assured, our experienced team of paving experts is here to provide solutions that are personalized to your exact requirements. Your project’s success is our priority, and that’s why we prioritize assessing your property, discussing your requirements, and providing expert advice, all to ensure your blacktop paving project surpasses expectations. With a steadfast focus on quality, an eye for detail, and the use of top-notch materials, you can have full confidence in us to deliver a blacktop surface that not only elevates the visual appeal of your residence but also endures the challenges of everyday use.

Experience the Total Paving and Brick Services advantage as we elevate your property with top-notch blacktop paving craftsmanship. We’re eager to start this journey with you, so get in touch today, and let our blacktop paving services in Gurnee transform your driveway and elevate your home’s appearance.

High-Quality Blacktop Paving in Gurnee, Illinois

Top-Notch Blacktop Paving Services in Gurnee, Illinois

With a comprehensive range of blacktop paving services, Total Paving and Brick Services stands ready to meet the unique demands of residential properties in Gurnee. From complete driveway replacements to driveway extensions for additional parking space, our skilled team is ready to revitalize your property with top-notch asphalt solutions.

Blacktop Remove and Replace

Does your driveway suffer from significant cracking, settling, or drainage complications? Our blacktop remove and replace service is precisely what you need to restore your driveway’s appeal and functionality. With Total Paving and Brick Services, our meticulous approach guarantees a blacktop surface that is both seamless and built to withstand the test of time and various weather conditions.

Choosing our blacktop remove and replace service means selecting a skilled team that excels in more than just surface repairs. Our team of experts carefully removes the damaged surface to access the underlying base, showcasing our skill in this process. This step is crucial as it allows us to identify any concealed issues that could potentially impact the durability of your driveway. By rectifying these problems during installation, we assure that your new blacktop driveway is established on a firm and durable foundation.

Driveway Dig-out and Extension

Looking to expand your driveway? Our blacktop driveway dig-out and extension service is the perfect option. Our skilled team is equipped to meet your needs, whether it’s creating extra parking space or designing a new driveway layout, resulting in a functional and visually pleasing driveway. With our expertise, you can optimize the functionality of your driveway and elevate the convenience of your Gurnee residence.

Blacktop Driveway Overstone

Don’t let the constant maintenance and mess of an irregular gravel driveway dampen your spirits. Our cost-effective blacktop overstone service is the answer to transforming your driveway and elevating the curb appeal of your Gurnee residence.

Through our blacktop overstone service, we specifically target and resolve these challenges, resulting in a stable and visually attractive blacktop surface that enhances the overall appearance of your property.

By choosing our blacktop overstone service, you can expect our skilled team to start by evaluating your existing gravel base. We prioritize ensuring that the sub-base is stable and suitable for the blacktop installation. After assessing and preparing the stable sub-base, the next step in our process involves applying a smooth layer of 3″ asphalt. Our skilled team carefully grades and compacts the asphalt to create a solid and even surface.

Services comparison
Stages Asphalt Remove & Replace Asphalt Dig-out / Extension Asphalt Overstone
Excavation Remove existing asphalt Dig-out the existing dirt 9” Minimum
CA-6 stone base Add up to 2” Complete 6” base Add up to 2”
Shoot grades with laser level and fine grade for water drainage.
Pave with 3” of asphalt surface and compact
Pavement will be compacted with a 5-ton vibratory roller and finish roller.

Driveway Overlay/Resurface

Make your driveway look new again and promote its longevity with our driveway overlay and resurface service. With the addition of a new asphalt layer on your existing surface, we give your driveway a revitalized appearance that will remain impressive over time. With our skilled team’s attention to detail, you can enjoy a smooth and uniform application, providing a cost-effective means to renew your driveway and elevate the overall aesthetics of your home.

Other Blacktop Paving Services in Gurnee

Heavy Duty Pavement and a thicker stone for greater loads. (i.e.: boat parking, camper parking, or heavier vehicle). For this we suggest 3″ or 4″ of blacktop in two lifts with a gravel base of 8″ or even 12″.

We are capable of full or partial installations of basketball, tennis, and pickleball courts, and can do custom striping in-house.

Sections that must be changed or discontinued will have their pavement and gravel removed, and what is left will be filled with dirt, topsoil, and seeds.

Asphalt installation and repair can be more straightforward and quicker than the installation of concrete or brick, with fewer steps necessary to finish off the project.

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Total Paving provides the highest quality blacktop paving services in Gurnee, Illinois. Our experienced professionals will help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.




On their arrival, the team will strip the prevailing surface of the driveway, set up the new stone base, grade, and leave it compressed and prepared for inspection with the local town or municipality as necessary.

Generally, the driveway will be ready to be parked on once the base is established.



After the base is established, we will schedule any essential base inspections.

Following the inspection, the pavement installation date will be set, which is usually between 1-3 days after the base is prepared, weather permitting.

In most villages, it is not necessary for anyone to be present during the inspection, though it is compulsory for a permit to be visibly displayed on a front window or door, and approved plans to be made available in case of need.

If a base inspection is not a requirement for some Villages, we will notify, and the paving can proceed promptly.



The asphalt installation squad will conclude the driveway by pouring the asphalt and preventing access.

When carrying out construction, please get in touch with your local law enforcement for authorization to park on the street.



Drive straight in and out of your driveway.

Do not turn your steering wheel while vehicle is not in motion or in an isolated area.

Steer clear of sharp objects on the driveway, such as pointed-heels, bicycle kick-stands, roller blades, lawn mowers, or trailers, for the subsequent two days.

Resist keeping vehicles at a standstill on your driveway for long periods.

Do not go beyond the boundaries of the driveway when driving.

To ward off cracking from too little moisture, permit water to run on your driveway in a drought.

Seal-coat your driveway no less than 60 days but no more than a year after it has been completed for an optimal curing process

Seal-coat your driveway annually.




Safeguards from natural elements like sunlight, snow, ice and salt.


Stops the deteriorating effects of oil, gas, and hazardous materials.


Increasing water run-off by plugging asphalt pores and developing a flat surface.


Facilitates simpler scrubbing, tidying and upkeep of asphalt.


Enhances the aesthetic of any property with a new black finish to asphalt.


Enhancing the longevity of asphalt already in place and saving money on repair expenses.

Are you looking for Blacktop Paving Contractor in Gurnee?

Total Paving provides the highest quality blacktoppaving services in Gurnee, Illinois. Our experienced professionals will help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.