Expert Blacktop Paving in Salem, Wisconsin

At Total Paving and Brick Services, we take pride in being your leading source for exceptional blacktop paving services in Salem, Wisconsin. Transforming residential properties with superior blacktop surfaces is a source of great pride for us, and our dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. Our skilled team is proficient in all aspects of blacktop paving, including new driveway installations, repairs, resurfacing, and other services, ensuring you receive exceptional results. Indulge in the beauty, durability, and functionality of blacktop paving that perfectly complements your home.

Our team of paving experts is committed to understanding your specific needs and preferences, providing tailor-made solutions. Your project’s success is our priority, and that’s why we prioritize assessing your property, discussing your requirements, and providing expert advice, all to ensure your blacktop paving project surpasses expectations. Our commitment to providing top-tier quality, unwavering attention to the smallest details, and the use of premium materials instills trust in our ability to fashion a blacktop surface that adds to the charm of your residence while remaining resilient to everyday demands.

Experience the Total Paving and Brick Services difference as we elevate your property with unparalleled blacktop paving craftsmanship. Make the decision to contact us now, and we’ll set off on a journey to enhance your driveway and elevate your home’s overall beauty with our premium blacktop paving services in Salem.

High-Quality Blacktop Paving in Salem, Wisconsin

Top-Notch Blacktop Paving Services in Salem, Wisconsin

Discover the flexibility of our blacktop paving services at Total Paving and Brick Services, thoughtfully curated to cater to the specific needs of residential properties in Salem. No matter the scope of your project, whether it’s a complete driveway replacement or an extension for more parking, our skilled team is prepared to transform your property with quality asphalt solutions.

Blacktop Remove and Replace

Does your driveway suffer from significant cracking, settling, or drainage complications? Our blacktop remove and replace service is precisely what you need to restore your driveway’s appeal and functionality. Our team at Total Paving and Brick Services takes a meticulous approach to create a blacktop surface that is seamless, long-lasting, and resilient against the effects of time and weather.

When you choose our blacktop remove and replace service, expect our skilled team to offer more than just surface-level repairs. With expertise, we skillfully remove the existing damaged surface to reach the underlying base. This meticulous process enables us to uncover any hidden issues that might compromise the integrity of your driveway. By addressing these problems during the installation process, we ensure that your new blacktop driveway is built on a strong foundation.

Driveway Dig-out and Extension

Does your driveway need more space? Look no further! Our blacktop driveway dig-out and extension service has got you covered. Whether you desire more parking space or have specific ideas for a new driveway layout, our skilled team will bring your vision to life with a functional and visually appealing design. Rely on our expertise to make the most out of your driveway and enhance the overall convenience of your Salem residence.

Blacktop Driveway Overstone

Say goodbye to the challenges of maintaining an irregular gravel driveway! Our cost-effective blacktop overstone service offers the perfect solution to upgrade your driveway and elevate the curb appeal of your Salem residence.

Indeed, our blacktop overstone service is tailored to effectively tackle these issues, delivering a stable and visually appealing blacktop surface that significantly enhances the overall aesthetics of your property.

With our blacktop overstone service, our skilled team starts by assessing the condition of your current gravel base. We thoroughly assess and confirm the stability and suitability of the sub-base before undertaking the blacktop installation. With the sub-base stabilized, we then apply a smooth layer of 3″ asphalt. Our skilled team grades and compacts the asphalt diligently to create a surface that is both firm and level.

Services comparison
Stages Asphalt Remove & Replace Asphalt Dig-out / Extension Asphalt Overstone
Excavation Remove existing asphalt Dig-out the existing dirt 9” Minimum
CA-6 stone base Add up to 2” Complete 6” base Add up to 2”
Shoot grades with laser level and fine grade for water drainage.
Pave with 3” of asphalt surface and compact
Pavement will be compacted with a 5-ton vibratory roller and finish roller.

Driveway Overlay/Resurface

Boost the attractiveness of your driveway and add years to its life with our driveway overlay and resurface service. By adding a fresh layer of asphalt over your current surface, we provide your driveway with a renewed appearance that will stand the test of time. Rest assured, our skilled team will deliver a polished and even application, offering you an affordable way to refresh your driveway and elevate the overall beauty of your home.

Other Blacktop Paving Services in Salem

Heavy Duty Pavement and a thicker stone for heavier loads. (i.e.: boat parking, camper parking, or bigger vehicle). For this we suggest 3″ or 4″ of blacktop in two lifts with a gravel base of 8″ or even 12″.

We are capable of full or partial installations of basketball, tennis, and pickleball courts, and can do custom striping in-house.

Sections that must be modified or revoked will have their current pavement and gravel removed, and the remaining area filled with dirt, topsoil, and seeds.

Asphalt assembly and repair can be simpler and speedier than the installation of concrete or brick, as there are fewer steps to accomplish the task.

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Total Paving provides the highest quality blacktop paving services in Salem, Wisconsin. Our experienced professionals will help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.




Upon arrival, the the crew will strip the current covering of the driveway, put in the new stone base, flatten, and have it compacted and set for inspection with the city or village needed.

Once the base is arranged, the driveway will mostly be able to be used as a parking lot.



Once the base has been prepared, we will arrange any desired base inspections.

Following the inspection, the pavement installation date will be set, which is usually between 1-3 days after the base is prepared, weather permitting.

There is not a requirement for anyone to be present during inspection in most villages, however the permit needs to be visibly posted on a front window or door, and approved plans must be accessible if needed.

In certain Villages, a base inspection is not necessary, and we will alert, paving can happen promptly if available.



The asphalt installation team will conclude the driveway by pouring the asphalt and restricting it from vehicles.

For construction, reach out to your local police department for permission to park on the road.



Entering and leaving your driveway should be a straight line.

Refrain from turning the steering wheel when the car is not in movement or in an isolated spot.

Do not put pointed objects on the driveway in the next two days, like pointed-heels, bicycle kick-stands, roller blades, lawn mowers, or trailers.

Do not permit cars to stay in your driveway for extended periods.

Keep from crossing over the edges of the driveway when driving.

During periods of drought, enable water to pass over your driveway to prevent cracking caused by intense dryness.

Seal-coat your driveway no less than 60 days but no more than a year after it has been completed for an optimal curing process

Seal-coat your driveway after 12 months.




Shields from natural elements like sun, snow, ice and salt.


Secures from the deteriorating effects of petroleum, gas, and toxic chemicals.


Enhancing water discharge by filling in the asphalt pores and making a flat surface.


Makes sweeping, tidying and sustaining asphalt simpler.


Improves the look of any property by providing a black finish to asphalt.


Prolonging the lifespan of existing asphalt and cutting down the expenses of restoration by cutting back on repair costs.

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Total Paving provides the highest quality blacktoppaving services in Salem, Wisconsin. Our experienced professionals will help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.