Expert Blacktop Paving in Tichigan, Wisconsin

At Total Paving and Brick Services, we take pride in being your leading source for exceptional blacktop paving services in Tichigan, Wisconsin. At the heart of our business lies a strong dedication to quality craftsmanship and exceeding customer expectations, which fuels our pride in transforming residential properties with top-tier blacktop surfaces. No matter if you need a new driveway installed, repairs done, resurfacing, or any other blacktop paving service, our skilled team is here to provide you with outstanding results. Enjoy the beauty, durability, and functionality of blacktop paving designed exclusively for your home.

Rest assured, our experienced team of paving experts is here to provide solutions that are personalized to your exact requirements. Your project’s success is our priority, and that’s why we prioritize assessing your property, discussing your requirements, and providing expert advice, all to ensure your blacktop paving project surpasses expectations. Confidently entrust us with your blacktop surface project, as our unyielding focus on quality, acute attention to detail, and utilization of premium materials guarantee a result that not only beautifies your residence but also stands up to everyday challenges.

Discover how Total Paving and Brick Services stands out with our exceptional blacktop paving craftsmanship, elevating your property to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity; contact us today to begin the journey of enhancing your home’s allure and driveway with our professional blacktop paving services in Tichigan.

High-Quality Blacktop Paving in Tichigan, Wisconsin

Top-Notch Blacktop Paving Services in Tichigan, Wisconsin

Your satisfaction is our priority, and our diverse range of blacktop paving services at Total Paving and Brick Services is designed to meet the distinctive requirements of residential properties in Tichigan. Whether you seek a complete driveway replacement or an extension for additional parking, trust our skilled team to deliver quality asphalt solutions, transforming your property.

Blacktop Remove and Replace

Is your driveway facing extensive cracking, settling, or drainage issues? Our blacktop remove and replace service is the ideal remedy to renew your driveway’s allure and practicality. With our meticulous approach, Total Paving and Brick Services ensures a blacktop surface that seamlessly endures the passage of time and adverse weather conditions, promising longevity and durability.

When you choose our blacktop remove and replace service, expect our skilled team to offer more than just surface-level repairs. Using our proficiency, we expertly remove the damaged surface to reveal the underlying base. This careful approach ensures that we detect and address any hidden concerns that could jeopardize the stability of your driveway. Addressing these concerns during the installation process is crucial to establishing a robust foundation for your new blacktop driveway.

Driveway Dig-out and Extension

Does your driveway need more space? Look no further! Our blacktop driveway dig-out and extension service has got you covered. No matter if you require additional parking space or desire a new driveway layout, our skilled team will expertly craft a functional and visually appealing driveway tailored specifically to your needs. Count on our skills and experience to assist you in maximizing the functionality of your driveway and elevating the convenience of your Tichigan residence.

Blacktop Driveway Overstone

If you’re looking for a hassle-free alternative to your irregular gravel driveway, our cost-effective blacktop overstone service is the way to go. It will upgrade your driveway and enhance the curb appeal of your Tichigan residence.

With our blacktop overstone service, we concentrate on tackling these specific issues, resulting in a stable and visually attractive blacktop surface that enhances the overall appeal of your property.

Opting for our blacktop overstone service means our skilled team will first conduct a detailed examination of your existing gravel base. We take special care during our blacktop overstone service to ensure the sub-base is stable and suitable, laying a strong foundation for the blacktop installation. With the sub-base stabilized, we then apply a smooth layer of 3″ asphalt. Our skilled team grades and compacts the asphalt diligently to create a surface that is both firm and level.

Services comparison
Stages Asphalt Remove & Replace Asphalt Dig-out / Extension Asphalt Overstone
Excavation Remove existing asphalt Dig-out the existing dirt 9” Minimum
CA-6 stone base Add up to 2” Complete 6” base Add up to 2”
Shoot grades with laser level and fine grade for water drainage.
Pave with 3” of asphalt surface and compact
Pavement will be compacted with a 5-ton vibratory roller and finish roller.

Driveway Overlay/Resurface

Refresh the appearance of your driveway and reinforce its durability through our driveway overlay and resurface service. By applying a new layer of asphalt to your current surface, we give your driveway a fresh look that will withstand the elements for many years. Count on our skilled team to ensure a polished and even application, offering you a cost-effective way to renew your driveway and elevate the overall beauty of your home.

Other Blacktop Paving Services in Tichigan

Sturdier Pavement and a thicker stone for greater loads. (i.e.: boat parking, camper parking, or bigger vehicle). For this we recommend 3″ or 4″ of blacktop in two lifts with a gravel base of 8″ or even 12″.

We specialize in full or partial basketball, tennis, and pickleball court installations and can create custom striping designs in-house.

Sections that must be modified or scrapped will have their pavement and gravel carted off, and the remaining space filled with dirt, topsoil, and seeds.

Asphalt installation and repair can be more straightforward and quicker than the installation of concrete or brick, with fewer steps necessary to finish off the project.

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Total Paving provides the highest quality blacktop paving services in Tichigan, Wisconsin. Our experienced professionals will help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.




On their arrival, the team will strip the prevailing surface of the driveway, set up the new stone base, grade, and leave it compressed and prepared for inspection with the local town or municipality as necessary.

Once the base is arranged, the driveway will mostly be able to be used as a parking lot.



Subsequent to base preparation, we shall arrange any necessary base inspections.

Once inspection is passed, the project pavement installation date will be scheduled, which is typically 1-3 days after the base is ready, weather permitting.

It is not compulsory for any person to be present during an inspection in most villages, however, the permit must be shown on the front window or door, and authorized plans must be obtainable if needed.

If a base inspection is not a requirement for some Villages, we will notify, and the paving can proceed promptly.



The road installers will finish the driveway by pouring the asphalt and stopping cars from entering.

When constructing, contact your local police department to gain permission to park on the street.



Go straight in and out of the driveway.

Do not rotate the steering wheel when the vehicle is not in progress or in an isolated place.

Keep sharp objects off the driveway over the course of two days, such as pointed-heels, bicycle kick-stands, roller blades, lawn mowers, or trailers.

Do not permit cars to stay in your driveway for extended periods.

Keep from crossing over the edges of the driveway when driving.

If there is a drought, permit water to trickle over your driveway to keep it from cracking due to extreme dryness.

Seal-coat your driveway no less than 60 days but no more than a year after it has been completed for an optimal curing process

Seal-coat your driveway every year.




Stops natural elements including sunlight, snow, ice and salt.


Safeguards from the crumbling effects of oil, gas, and dangerous chemicals.


Enhancing water runoff by plugging asphalt pores and creating a level surface.


Facilitates simpler scrubbing, tidying and upkeep of asphalt.


Enhances the aesthetic of any property with a new black finish to asphalt.


Prolonging the life of asphalt already in place and saving money on repairs by cutting costs.

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Total Paving provides the highest quality blacktoppaving services in Tichigan, Wisconsin. Our experienced professionals will help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.