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Welcome to Total Paving and Brick Services, your dependable paving specialists in Waukegan, Illinois. Our long history of success and our commitment to offering only the highest quality paving solutions has allowed us to become a leading provider of residential paving solutions in the area.

Our staff of dedicated experts have the capacities, understanding, and proficiency to handle a wide selection of paving requirements. Our comprehensive package of services includes asphalt paving, brick and stone installations, concrete work, and innovative design ideas, to improve the beauty and usefulness of your property.

Throughout our time in business, we have successfully completed countless ventures, garnering the trust and commitment of our gratified customers. Being a part of the community we are serving is something that brings us great pride and we endeavor to support its growth and beauty with our remarkable paving services.

Choose Total Paving and Brick Services as your preferred paving contractors in Waukegan, and experience the Total Paving advantage. Reach out to us right away to talk about your project and let us realize your paving ambition with skill, commitment, and outstanding artistry.


Asphalt Paving

Our asphalt paving services at Total Paving and Brick Services are created to fit your residential needs. Whether you require a new driveway installation, parking lot construction, or road resurfacing, our experienced team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results. Our application of premium asphalt materials and modern equipment guarantees a uniform and even surface that not only upgrades the attractiveness of your property but also furnishes long-lasting strength. Our asphalt paving services guarantee that your pavement will remain resilient despite the elements, as well as accommodating for heavy traffic, all the while increasing the worth and usability of your residence.

Brick and Stone Installations

If you wish to construct a stylish and graceful outdoor area, our brick and stone constructions are the ideal solution. Our committed team have mastery in the skill of dealing with brick and stone materials, giving a broad variety of options to suit your style and wishes. Our experts have the proficiency to build and develop features including a delightful walkway, an astonishing patio, or an exquisite retaining wall with precise attention to detail. We source top-notch brick and stone materials and utilize expert craftsmanship to build robust, visually pleasing structures that upgrade the aesthetics and value of your property.

Concrete Work

From functional driveways and sidewalks to foundational structures and decorative elements, our concrete crew have the skills to handle all types of residential concrete projects. We acknowledge the worth of exactness in concrete work, this is why we put emphasis on proper preparation, meticulous pouring, and adept finishing techniques. Our team works in collaboration with you to understand your precise requirements and deliver solid surfaces that are not only structurally sound but also visually attractive. If you require a new concrete driveway, a one-of-a-kind patio, or decorative concrete accents, we have the proficiency and experience to make your concept come alive.

Innovative Design and Ideas:

Total Paving and Brick Services take immense pride in our ability to offer innovative design solutions that surpass traditional paving practices. Our team of creative experts work together with you to fathom your unique goal and desires. Whether you’re seeking a contemporary design, a rustic aesthetic, or a blend of different styles, we can provide custom design ideas that perfectly complement your property’s architecture and landscape. By unifying our technical know-how and a discerning eye for beauty, we deliver pioneering and visually appealing paving solutions that reflect your distinctiveness and enhance the overall allure of your outdoor areas.


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Our Pavement Consultants have been trained on the different materials and the pricing that comes with them. We are ready to present you with initial estimates on the spot to aid you in figuring out which direction to take if you’re unclear about what to get because of the indefinite cost differences between materials. Our specialists have the ability to show you to the most favorable resolution through:

  • Price estimates
  • Material suggestions & samples
  • Color suggestions
  • Furnishing a complete and practical set of answers to any problem encountered in the home (drainage issues too).
  • Future budgeting: Any piece of the work you may not do now, we can quote into phases.