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Welcome to Total Paving and Brick Services, your dependable paving experts in Wind Lake, Wisconsin. We have earned a reputation for excellence as a top provider of residential paving services in the area due to our long-term commitment to quality and our extensive experience.

Our team of committed specialists has the competencies, wisdom, and proficiency to tackle a variety of paving needs. From asphalt paving to brick and stone installations, concrete work, and innovative design ideas, we have a complete set of services to raise the look and functionality of your property.

In the course of our time in business, we have accomplished many operations, eliciting the assurance and dedication of our happy customers. Being a part of the community we are serving is something that brings us great pride and we endeavor to support its growth and beauty with our remarkable paving services.

Choose Total Paving and Brick Services as your preferred paving contractors in Wind Lake, and experience the Total Paving advantage. Give us a call now to look over your project and let us bring your paving dream to life with expertise, devotion, and outstanding craftsmanship.


Asphalt Paving

All your residential asphalt paving requirements can be met with the services we provide at Total Paving and Brick Services. Whether you require a new driveway installation, parking lot construction, or road resurfacing, our experienced team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results. By utilizing high-quality asphalt materials and modern apparatus, we can offer a level and consistent surface that not only boosts the visual charm of your property but also gives enduring robustness. Our asphalt paving services will ensure that your pavement can bear up to the elements and substantial traffic, while simultaneously elevating the value and practicality of your home.

Brick and Stone Installations

If you seek to craft a timeless and tasteful outdoor area, our brick and stone installations are the perfect resolution. Our committed teams are adept in the art of utilizing brick and stone, supplying an extensive selection of possibilities to satisfy your style and requirements. Our staff has the competency to construct and create features like an attractive walkway, an incredible patio, or a magnificent retaining wall with careful attention to detail. We acquire high-grade brick and stone materials and utilize experienced craftsmanship to construct solid, eye-catching structures that improve the appearance and value of your property.

Concrete Work

Our concrete team can take on any residential concrete project, from driveways and sidewalks to foundational structures and decorative elements, with their expertise. We realize the significance of accuracy in concrete work, this is why we prioritize suitable preparation, precise pouring, and skilful finishing techniques. Our team works hand in hand with you to comprehend your specific needs and provide solid surfaces that are not only structurally sound but also visually attractive. If you are looking for a new concrete driveway, a specially designed patio, or decorative concrete elements, we have the aptitude and expertise to make your idea a reality.

Innovative Design and Ideas:

We take great satisfaction in our skill to present innovative design solutions that transcend traditional paving methods at Total Paving and Brick Services. Our team of creative specialists works hand in hand with you to apprehend your exclusive mission and wishes. Whether you’re looking for a modern style, a rustic feel, or a blend of various designs, we are able to supply custom design ideas that are ideal for your building’s architecture and landscape. Combining our technical knowledge with a keen eye for aesthetics, we offer revolutionary and visually stunning paving solutions that represent your personality and amplify the overall appeal of your outdoor spaces.


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Our Consultants have been educated on the different materials and their related pricing. If you’re befuddled about what to acquire due to the indefinite price variations between surfaces, we are able to deliver preliminary estimates immediately, to help you determine which route to take. Our specialists have the acumen to lead you to the greatest solution by:

  • Price estimates
  • Material recommendations & samples
  • Color suggestions
  • Comprehensive and practical solutions to any home problems (drainage troubles as well).
  • Future budgeting: Any piece of the job you may not do right now, we can quote into phases.